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Blowing the whistle on your employer is an extremely challenging and difficult decision.  A whistleblower lives in a corporate environment alone and understands that they may be ending their entire career with the risk of walking away unemployed.  The process can take years and requires the gathering of documentation that can seem meaningless but to the government could mean everything.  Obtaining legal assistance is extremely challenging because most attorneys do not know, nor specialize in False Claims, Qui Tam cases.  Those who claim to, actually are venturing into a field of the unknown hoping to latch onto the big payouts which usually accompany settlements.  Most who wish to "blow the whistle" on their company have little or no idea how the process works.  Recovery is linked to fraud, where the government has been the customer of a product or service but has been defrauded in the process.  The False Claims act applies when State and Federal Governments are customers of a product or service which has been promoted beyond the scope for which the product is intended.   For an individual to gain the attention of the Federal Government to intervene in a False Claims case, the fraud must extend into the millions.  However there are whistleblowers who exist where the loss involves something beyond money and may include information or ethics violations.